Packform: A Complete Packaging Solution in Your Pocket


These issues are what led one team of entrepreneurs and innovators to launch Packform, the first digital platform of its kind that streamlines packaging needs for industry suppliers, dealers, as well as customers.

Packform Is Reshaping The Packaging Industry With Groundbreaking Technology


Many businesses pivoted to eCommerce to stay afloat when the COVID-19 pandemic forced shoppers to stay in place. For some, making the transition required engaging with the packaging industry for the first time. Those that sought supplies from traditional packaging companies encountered what Philip Weinman, Co-Founder of Packform, describes as “the industry that technology forgot about.”

Bringing the Packaging Industry into the Digital Age


During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, bottlenecks in global supply chains caused widespread disruptions to virtually every sector of e-commerce. For many, this period was their first direct experience with the packaging industry — one that Philip Weinman, co-founder of Packform, referred to as, “the industry that technology forgot about.”

Trends in Beverage Packaging to Look Out For in 2022


The best type of packaging serves a purpose other than simply protecting the product - especially in the $142.28 billion beverage industry. From biodegradable materials to NFTs, here are our Top 10 Trends in beverage packaging to look out for in 2022!

Empowering Sales Teams


Preston Geeting does more than manage sales teams. He empowers them to help individuals run their sales process as if it was their own business!

The Top 5 Entrepreneurs Working to Make Our Lives Easier


Whether they have developed a way to update the antiquated packaging industry or a way to keep your information safe online, these entrepreneurs are changing the face of their industries.

Marketplace Platforms: Trading Places


Amid all the pandemic-induced uncertainty, a new convenient, cost-effective way of buying and selling plastics packaging materials is emerging.

Buy Hold Sell: 3 of 2021's hottest IPOs and 2 to look forward to


My pick for next year is a company called Packform, which is a business to business software solutions provider for the packaging industry in the US.

Australian-founded packaging marketplace Packform taking US by storm


One of Australia’s fastest growing packaging companies and marketplace platform, Packform, has built itself up in the US and is bringing its model back to Australia.

Growth Against the Grain


Packform USA is the No.1 company on the Business Journal's list of Fastest Growing Private Companies.

Awards Honour Victoria’s Export Champions


Victorian State Government Media Release

Australian Start-Up Makes Waves in the U.S. and Appoints New Partner


Award-winning online packaging marketplace Packform is announcing a major appointment in the U.S. which will build out Packform’s supply chain and expand its growing business to further record growth.

Ten Australian startups that raised a combined $88 million this week


It’s been another bumper week in Australian funding, with ten startups announcing funding rounds ranging from $1 million to $25 million.

Startup Daily Interview


Packform has raised $25 million for its marketplace that makes it easier for businesses to get a good deal on their packaging.

Packform raises $25 million as COVID-19 drives demand for deals on packaging


Aussie startup Packform has raised $25 million for its marketplace that makes it easier for businesses to get a good deal on their packaging.

Packform valued at $150m in pre-IPO round


It’s full steam ahead for online packaging marketplace Packform, which has secured its $25 million pre-IPO raising at a $150 million valuation.

Packform gears up for pre-IPO raise


Fast-growing online packaging marketplace Packform has appointed Shaw and Partners to advise the business on a pre-IPO raise and listing plans.

Packform Presses Play on Pre-IPO Raise


If there’s one thing for sure, this pre-IPO raise will pack a punch. The company is looking to raise upwards of $20 million in the pre-IPO round, which would value the business at north of $100 million. The raise will precede a listing on either the ASX or the NASDAQ.

Packform Steals the Show Once Again


Packform crowned Stevie winner once again:• Gold Stevie® Award in the Tech Startup of the Year - Software category • Silver Stevie® Award in the Startup of the Year - Business Services Industries category

How to purchase packaging like a pro


In the modern technology golden age, the way which we produce and deliver goods has accelerated pace at an unprecedented rate. To keep up with this, industries have increased efficacy in their production line. In the past purchasing packaging has often burdened individuals and businesses. The slow-paced, difficult and unstable market has provided a rather unpleasant experience for the consumer. 

Why you need custom packaging to increase sales


Any company that sells goods, whether it be online or in stores, have one thing in common: their packaging is the first thing a customer will see. The box that the purchase is encased in is therefore a nuanced form of company advertising, and utilising this opportunity for heightened brand awareness can pay off.

Disrupting the Industry Technology Left Behind


In this moderated event by the California Lutheran University School of Management, Philip Weinman and Preston Geeting shared how they developed and successfully implemented technology in an industry left behind by technology.

Credit Suisse Report: North American Packaging


A start-up shows how e-commerce can capture share in packaging distribution.

Packform, Footprint partner for eco-packaging


Online packaging platform Packform has partnered with Footprint, a US-based material science engineering company that aims to reduce or eliminate plastics through developing and manufacturing plant-based materials for packaging.

The Time Is Now – The War on Plastic Can No Longer Wait


Packform announces a strategic partnership with US sustainable packaging leaders, Footprint.

3 ways lockdown has ruined sustainability


Only eight months ago, the world was a very different place. At the end of 2019, sustainability concerns were rising globally and attitudes were changing. With shoppers beginning to bring their own bags to grocery stores and opting to use disposable products, it was evident that consumer sentiment had massively shifted and a new focus on friendly packaging solutions was emerging.

The pandemic has paused sustainability and accelerated plastic production


We need to reverse this trend before it’s too late.

The moral dilemma of sustainable packaging during a global pandemic


2020 was set to be the year that the war on plastic would make great advances. Coronavirus then came along and changed all of that.

How entrepreneurial spirit is helping Packform thrive through the pandemic


The FinFeed podcast are interviews with the people who run some of Australia’s best and brightest companies. With a focus on ASX listed small caps, their projects, technology and innovations, they look for the insights that could impact your investment decisions.

Transform Through Technology with Preston Geeting


"The CEO Story" takes a deep dive into the success (and sometimes pitfalls) of being your own boss! We encourage each and every individual to candidly share their stories to help other entrepreneurs understand the highs and lows that come with the journey.

Digitising the packaging industry during the COVID-19 crisis


One of the significant business trends to emerge from the current pandemic is that organisations who were talking about digital transformation suddenly had to embrace it.

Packform Skyrockets To Stevie Award Tech Startup Winners


Packform, one of the fastest growing technology companies in the US, has been hailed as the Most Innovative Tech Company of the Year, receiving two prestigious Stevie® Awards, in the seventh annual Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards today.

Packform wins two Stevie Awards for Most Innovative Startup of the Year


Packform, one of the fastest growing technology companies in the US, has been hailed as the Most Innovative Tech Company of the Year, receiving two prestigious Stevie® Awards, in the seventh annual Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards today.

Packaging tech platform Packform wins two Stevie Awards


Melbourne-based packaging technology company Packform has won two Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards for most innovative startup in the technology and business services categories.

Start-up races to $17m revenue in first eight months


Serial entrepreneur Philip Weinman and Deloitte Digital founder Peter Williams have joined forces to create an online packaging marketplace, which has exceeded $17 million in revenue in its first eight months.

What does the future of packaging look like post-pandemic?


Industry expert, Philip Weinman, takes a close look at the packaging industry and the leaps that need to be made.

Packform disrupts the packaging industry in the midst of COVID-19


Amid a global pandemic, smart entrepreneurs are forging ahead with digitally-led disruptive business models, set to create even more opportunities in Australia and abroad.

Packaging Industry Ripe For Disruption


In the midst of Coronavirus, global market opportunities are presented, with the latest packaging industry innovation, Packform turning a healthy profit in its first year.

Packform looking towards digital revolution in packaging


A spectre is haunting the packaging industry – the spectre of digitalisation, and Packform aims to give this phantom form by bringing efficiency and transparency to the packaging industry.


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