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  • Sunline Latex Multi Purpose Gloves From: $62.50


    SUNLINE’s latex multi-purpose gloves are elastic, touch-sensitive and comfortable. Our latex powder-free examination gloves resist tears and punctures with their strong materials, making them excellent for most medical environments. Because these options are powder-free, they’re useful in food service or other settings where powder residue might be a concern.


    Latex’s puncture resistance provides a longer duration of use for less frequent glove changes, making these gloves suitable for:

    • Low- to medium-risk medical and dental care.
    • Preventing exposure to grease and chemicals in automotive and construction settings.
    • Sanitation, janitorial and forensic tasks.
    • Hairdressing and cosmetics.
    • Child and senior care, including activities of daily living.
    • In-home care.
    • Food services.


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